Bihar Elections: A possible delay in results, here’s why

The voting for the Bihar assembly elections ends Saturday evening. After this, everyone’s eyes are on the 10th of November when it will be known whether Nitish Kumar will become the Chief Minister once again or Tejashwi will wear the crown. This time, due to corona protocol, the results of the assembly elections may be late. According to the Election Commission guidelines, only a maximum of seven counting tables will be allowed inside the counting hall. Thus 3-4 halls will be required for each assembly constituency. 

According to the commission, the control unit and VVPAT will be sanitized before bringing the caring case to the counting table. The control unit and VVPAT will have one personnel deputed at each table to display the de-sealing and election results. According to the information received from the Election Commission, there will be a slight delay in the result of the Bihar Vidhan Sabha election. Due to the 45 percent increase in the number of booths in the Corona period, the counting of votes of all booths will take a little longer. It has been told that the commission has made strict security arrangements for all counting rooms. According to the guidelines of the Commission, three-tier security arrangements have been made. CCTV cameras have been installed there, any candidate or party representative can see it. Election results will be displayed on the big screen, the Commission has directed that if there is difficulty in providing space to the counting agent on a large scale, in such a situation, the results of the election through the control unit will be displayed on the big screen so that the counting agent is not inconvenienced. 

The system will be sanitized thrice
In addition, the commission has also instructed the counting center to be sanitized before counting, during the counting, and after the counting of votes.

Separate arrangements will be made for the postal ballot Election Commission has required additional assistant electoral officers for counting of postal ballot. For this, arrangements for separate halls have also been approved under the supervision of the Electoral Officer / Assistant Electoral Officer. 

Security personnel will be posted at all the entrance of counting centers:
Additional Chief Electoral Officer Sanjay Kumar Singh said that counting centers have been set up in all districts. Security forces will be deployed at all entrances of all centers. For this, instructions have been issued in all districts from the level of District Election Officer, reports LiveHindustan.

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