Bihar Election 2020: Chirag Paswan’s tweet, Nitish Kumar trying to distance BJP from me

LJP national president and MP Chirag Paswan has alleged that Nitish Kumar is trying to bring distance between him and the BJP. On Sunday, he tweeted, “honorable Nitish Kumar has kept the full thrust of publicity in showing distance between me and the Prime Minister. The Chief Minister, who specializes in the policy of divide and rule, is trying to make a distance between me and the BJP every day.” Chirag Paswan made 5 continuous tweets on Sunday. Claimed that the thinking of ‘Bihar First’ has become a juggle of JDU leaders. ‘Bihar First Bihari First’ and I are committed to the Prime Minister’s mantra of development. Chirag said that Nitish ji should thank the BJP colleagues that they are still practicing the coalition despite so much anger against the Chief Minister and prove to him almost everyday that they are not with Chirag.

The LJP chief further said, “I do not want Prime Minister Narendra Modi to fall into any kind of dilemma because of me. They should follow their alliance. If you have to say anything against me to satisfy the respected Chief Minister, then feel free to say so. The LJP president said in another tweet that I do not need to demonstrate my relationship with the PM. I can never forget the things he did for me from the time Papa was in the hospital to his last rites”, reports Live Hindustan.

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