Bihar Education Minister resigns within three days of taking oath owing to the serious allegations

Mewalaal Chaudhary, who was been made the new Education Minister of Bihar, has resigned from his post on Thursday. Mewalal Chaudhary was sworn in as the Education Minister of Bihar a few days ago. According to the information, Mewalal has taken this step after the allegations of corruption. He also met CM Nitish Kumar before resigning. It is believed that Mewalal Chaudhary has resigned in view of the zero tolerance policy of the Nitish Kumar government on corruption.

It must be noted that many opposition leaders including RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav were also demanding that Mewalal be removed from his post, accusing him of corruption. It is worth mentioning that Mewalal, while retaliating on the allegations leveled against him, earlier said that he would defame the accused for 50 crores and also challenged Tejashwi Yadav to argue further. He said that any case is proved only when there is a charge sheet against you or the court has decided something. Neither there has been any charge sheet against us nor any charges have been filed against us.

Tejashwi also attacked Nitish on Wednesday on the pretext of Mewalal. Tejashwi has written that in many cases of corruption, the accused has been made the education minister. The Rashtriya Janata Dal, after making Mewalaal as Education Minister, had targetted Nitish Kumar and tweeted that ‘The corrupt MLA that Sushil Modi was looking for, Nitish made him a minister.’

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